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Recruitment of owners


Recruitment of owners (dogs)


Recruitment of owners (cats)


Breeding application information

Please check the conditions and supplementary items


Looking for new family







Looking for new family







  1. Being a family With the consent of the whole family (In principle, dogs and cats are not handed over to those who live alone)

  2. Living in a pet-friendly building Must be kept indoors

  3. As a general rule, the owner's householder must be under 60 years old

  4. The transferred animals will be delivered to your home. You agree to this. In addition, the transportation fee will be 2,000 yen in Tokyo and the actual cost except for.

  5. Be sure to perform contraceptive castration surgery on the transferred animal (if you have not performed surgery due to various reasons such as not reaching the age of the moon)

  6. Agree to pay (or partially bear) expenses such as contraceptive castration surgery and other medical expenses Adult dogs 30,000 yen, adult cats 20,000 yen, puppies / kittens (before sterilization) vaccine x 5 It will be 1,000 yen (owner's contribution)
    (There are some differences depending on the type and age)

  7. Accepting home visits for any circumstances when the association deems it necessary for the transferred animal

  8. Be sure to deliver to the association when you move, get lost, or let go of the transferred animal

  9. If the association decides that breeding is not possible after the transfer, you agree that the transfer contract can be canceled.

Supplementary information

Those who meet the following conditions may be refused.

  • Single person.

  • A family with small children. (Depending on the character of the dog)

  • Family members who are planning to give birth.

  • A home that will be away for a long time.

  • Those who cannot provide their landline number.

  • Minors.

  • A multi-headed family.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will deliver it by car, so we will limit it to those who live in Tokyo and nearby prefectures.

Please apply using the form below. We will give you a reply after considering it.
In addition, we may refuse to meet your request. At that time, we do not disclose the reason at all.


If you cannot submit the form, we will accept it by email .
Please be sure to contact us with your name, residence, and telephone number.

Dog / Cat Breeding Application Information

The Animal Life Respect Society protects unrelated dogs and cats, and provides medical and mental care as necessary.
We are looking for an understanding and loving owner of a protected dog that will change the unfortunate fate of these children.
Please refrain from brand-oriented people, those who apply for temporary feelings, and those who are traders.
The following are the conditions for the transfer of the Society. Please apply after understanding.
The decision is made after considering the individual home environment and breeding conditions of the applicants.

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