Get Involved

Alice's Association is looking for volunteer staff to work with. Why don't you start with a trial activity?

Recruitment items

Pick-up charge = Those who can move using their own car at their own expense Transportation costs We will rent a cage for movement

Street fundraising = Planning and execution from street fundraising procedures

Temporary breeding staff = Until a new family is decided, you will be kept as a domestic dog. Medical expenses will be borne by the association. Please bear the cost of meals, toilet seats, shampoo, etc.

Conditions I would like to ask

* I would like a gentle person

  • Those who own a car

  • Those who can receive personal computers or emails

  • Those who live in Tokyo or nearby prefectures as much as possible

  • Those who have some time to spare

  • Those who are independent (Please refrain from minors)


For more information, please contact us using the form below.