About Us

Thank you for visiting the website of A.L.I.S.
Let me introduce you about our volunteer work.
I founded this charity in 1993 in Setagaya ward in Tokyo in Japan.
For the first few years, we rescued only cats, but we came to know

that lots of dogs were put down as we often went to shelters. We also

realized that many of them were mixed breeds. Unfortunately, the

situation has not changed since then.
As I believe we should not distinguish the value of life depending on

its breed, we have rescued mainly mix-breeds dogs and cats that are 
more likely to be put down than pure breeds.
Furthermore, even in the same country, Japan, animals are treated 
in different manners depending on the region. While there are dogs

and cats that are taken care of with deep love and spend with their

loving families inside comfortable houses, there are others that are

never allowed to go inside even on a very cold or hot day and never

knew the joy of walking. Many of them are not given proper medical

treatments, ending up with a serious condition that is too late to get

cured. Or there are many that are given poor-quality food that caused

visceral diseases. Japan has a serious problem about animal welfare

because there are many that are not properly taken care of.
We continue activities aiming at equality in the lives of animals from 
a variety of aspects.
Although our charity is not big and famous, it would be great if you could 
support us.
Thank you.

Representitive: Yoko Kaneki



2018 Engine 01, Naomi Kawashima Received the Beautiful Animal Protection Award

2014 Received a letter of appreciation from Kazo Health Center, Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture

2011 Minister of the Environment Award Certificate of Appreciation from Animals

Received the Animal Protection Award of the Japan Society for the Prevention of Animals in 2009

2007 Received the Setagaya Ward 75th Anniversary Achievement Award